Electric Vertical Standing Training Tilt Table Physiotherapy


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Features of Professional Tilting Bed For Physical Therapy

The electric tilting table for standing training contains 6 parts:

training bed frame,

armrest tabletop,

compression band,

standing plate,

bed panel,

and angle adjusting device

In the process of standing training, the user shall lie flatly on the bed, where the bed panel together with the fixing strap and armrest table allow the patient to be secured on the top

  1. The tilt bed panel can change the human body posture by an angle adjusting device and can change from 0° (prone position) to 90° (standing position). And the angle of adjustment is optional.
  2. The enlarged vertical base of the tilt table is suitable for patients of various body weights;
  3. In addition, the separation of the pedal plates may adjust the upper and lower angle alone for the purpose of rehabilitation training according to different ankle joint angles, thus making patients have a more comfortable foot position.


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